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Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal can help weight loss by 40 percent!

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Now, it is no secret that you can lose weight with water, but the huge benefits that it brought to the table weren’t fully-known until now.

Did you know that The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has recently published a study which seems to indicate that a person can shift some extra weight simply by drinking water? Now, it is no secret that you can lose weight with water, but the huge benefits that it brought to the table weren’t fully-known until now. You can increase the speed at which you lose weight quickly by up to 40%!

Shed water weight

While this is not tied to drinking water thirty minutes before a meal, we did think that it was useful to point out. This is because water weight can be shed quite quickly. If you are eating unhealthily, then chances are that you probably have not been drinking water that religiously either (you should be drinking at least eight glasses per day!), and this means that your body is far, far more likely to store excess water, just in case it doesn’t get any for a while.

When you start drinking water properly, your body will have less of a need to keep storing it, which means that it will use up the stored water, or at least expel it from your body. This means you should be able to shed a couple of kilograms within a few weeks. This is why weight loss is often at its fastest right at the start, and shedding water weight is the key to lose weight quickly.

Why does drinking water 30-minutes before a meal increase weight loss?

Well, for starters, drinking the water will help to fill up your stomach. The problem that many people have is that they tend to eat until they are full. This is not necessary or recommended. People still do it, however. This means that they are taking in way too many calories, and this leads to them piling on the pounds rather quickly. Water will help to fill up your stomach a little, which means that you have less space to fill, which means that you are far less likely to take in more calories than you need. Of course, you will still need to pay attention to some extent, because that is the way to healthy eating.

The second benefit is that the water helps to fuel your metabolism. As you may well know; if you want to lose weight, then you will need to make sure your metabolism is working properly. It is this which will burn the energy you have in your body. Most people struggle to lose weight because their metabolism is not working as effectively as it should be.

The water must be cold

If you wish to use water for weight loss when it comes to boosting your metabolism, then it is important that you drink ice cold water. This will ensure that your metabolism needs to work even harder to cool down the water to body temperature, and this means more calories burned.


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