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De-stress your mind with Therapy dog service available at your doorstep!

Workplaces arguably have a stressful environment. The time and work constraint people face on a daily basis may lead to negativity in their overall life. Yellow orchid, a Gurgaon based start-up is here to introduce a widely popular concept that basically deals provides a solution to this on-growing problem!

The central idea behind this concept is to introduce therapy trained dogs into typically stressful places. Yellow orchid aims to decrease stress levels in today’s competitive environment with the help of specially trained dogs that are super friendly to everyone!

This concept however is not latest, although it’s relatively new in India; it has been proven to beat stress and anxiety in western countries. As a result, India is also catching up with this trend, which ultimately keeps people happy and boosts creativity.

Yellow orchid provides its services to more locations other than just workplaces; be it schools or your private residence, they’ve got you covered. There are a growing number of people who are dissatisfied with their job and suffer various issues because of it that may lead to a negative attitude in life. To help with that, therapy dogs have done wonders! Bringing specially trained dogs to a regular office for a specific amount of time has proven to be quite cheering and positive for the people working there. Similarly, at schools and colleges, the pressure caused by all the responsibilities on teachers and staff may lead to an unpleasant experience for the students as well. So de-stressing sessions would prove to be useful to their productivity and would enhance their teaching skills. Even at houses, many of us wish to own pets, but due to lack of space and time, not all of us can fulfil this dream. But the trained dogs provided by Yellow orchid are here to help! These furry visitors can stop by your place for a few hours with specialists and guarantee a joyous time.

So, go ahead and visit their official website where you can collect all the necessary details and find out more about this upcoming trend!


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