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Cupping Therapy to improve your health

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Cupping Therapy basically involves placement of cups on the skin to generate suction for the flow of chi, as to what the Chinese call as the life force in the body.

Cupping therapy was originated in China. The cups stimulate the blood circulation as well as muss tension to support cells.

The cups are nothing but rounded balls that have an opening at the end. They are of two types, dry cupping, and wet cupping. Dry cupping involves only suction whereas wet cupping causes suction and restricted medicinal blooding.

It is suggested to fast or have a light meal before going to this therapy. The treatment starts off with heating the club and then placing it on the skin. Once it cools down on the skin, a vacuum is created which upholds the skin and muscle covered by the cup. After a set of time, they are removed and covered with ointments or bandages. The practitioner should use the right methods for cleaning and controlling infection to prevent side effects. He/she should also wear an apron, disposable gloves, eye protection and clean equipment.

Other marks or bruising tend to go away within 10 days’ time after the session. Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, sweating etc.  This therapy is not recommended for children, pregnant, elderly, menstruating or anyone having an organ disorder.

The therapy, however, is known for curing herpes zoster, facial paralysis, cough and dyspnea and even acne.

Just make sure of getting the authentic information of the place where you shall get the therapy and also a certified professional to perform it. Don’t take any risks here.

This is an excellent choice of treatment for people facing high blood pressure, stiffness or anxiety in their daily lives. You can try even natural cupping therapy which was in use earlier where cups were made of bamboo, earthenware, glass or silicone. So eliminate all your weaknesses and stimulate your nervous system for a fitter you, through cupping therapy.


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