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Can Personalized Nutrition Replace One-Size-Fits-All Diet Plans?

Here are some facts about your diet planning and how it varies from person to person.

No two people are the same; From your fingerprints, body shape and size and even to your DNA. This is a widely known secret.  Diets also need to be geared towards an individual than the majority. This is the criteria used to create personalized nutrition.

Yes, a general blueprint of a dietary plan can help the majority, but some would still be an exception to the rule. Below are some factors that prove why diet custom diet plan can and should replace a generic one.

  1. Medical History

Are you allergic to any foods? Are you diabetic? Do you suffer from hypertension? These are some of the crucial questions one needs to reflect on before choosing a diet regimen. Whole grain foods are considered healthy food for dieters, but with a Gluten allergy, they are useless. This means that one needs to get creative in order to get past restrictions invoked by a fixed diet plan. I would advise that you seek a diet plan from a professional customized to your health specifications.

  1. Availability of Foods

Depending on your location, one for all diet plan may contain foods not found in your local kiosk. This means that in order to have an effective diet you will need to maneuver. I personally have seen some food choices I never knew existed, leave alone finding them. Instead of making a pilgrimage to find these rare commodities because it was recommended for most, tweak your diet. Be in control and make adjustments that will not strain you.

  1. Genetics

Again, no two people are the same. Some people use the “one size fits all” diet and feel healthier but still don’t trim down weight. If you wonder why a friend of yours looks so good after some time when both of you started a diet plan at the same time, genes could be why. Luckily with the advancements in research and dietitians that can be summoned for a fee, you can have a diet that suits your make.

  1. Habits

There are those who have the discipline to eat just three meals a day without an extra bite in between (Good for you). For a few of us, this can make dieting a nightmare. Dieticians have gone out of their way to make us eat more as we lose weight. Amazing right? With many variations to this diet, you are spoilt for choice as you pick out a plan that is most convenient for you. Throw conventional methods of eating out the window for a custom nutrition plan.


It is true to say that a standard way of eating has worked wonders since dieting began. We cannot fault a diet prototype if it does not work for us as individuals either. How you go about what foods get to go down your gullet is a personal matter. No one can dictate what you eat and how you eat it unless you call them Mom, Dad or Doc. This being the case it is up to each one of us to take the initiative and make the necessary steps towards a healthy lifestyle.


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