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Broccoli Coffee: Healthier way to fix your caffeine needs

If you’re the kind that hates green vegetables and the mere thought of consuming a leafy vegetable with your meal gives you anxiety, you’re in for quite a surprise as this new foodie trend is here to change your mind.

Broccoli is probably the most hated green vegetable and has been haunting kids since a very young age. Parents have been pushing their kids to try it, considering its richness in fibre, protein, iron, potassium, vitamins, and folic acid. But for us young adults, how often do we include this gem of a vegetable in our diet and make a healthy decision?

To help us fix our “greens deficiency”, researchers at Australia’s CSIRO organisation in partnership with Hort Innovation have created a powder that is made from a whole broccoli.  The powder is created through a procedure where broccoli is dried and crushed into powdery form without losing its nutrition value. Combine it with the favourite drink of us millennials, coffee, and you’ve got yourself a new fan favourite trend that people are going all in for. The broccoli coffee not only fixes your regular needs of caffeine, but just by adding 2 tablespoons of broccoli powder in your drink, you’re basically consuming one whole portion of this veggie.

Currently brewed and served at Common Folk cafe in Melbourne, Australia, this drink contains espresso, steamed milk, and a healthy dose of this high fibre broccoli powder. There are no extra fillers in the powder itself and is meant to be keep the flavour as natural as possible.

While this new coffee mix still faces mixed reviews from people, it is actually very healthy and makes the otherwise not so healthy drink, better. Keeping aside its health benefits, broccoli powder also aims at reducing wastage. Many of the freshly produced broccoli florets do not even hit the shelves because people are not buying “ugly” looking veggies. So, with the procedure of converting them into powder and adding it into your coffee, you’re basically reducing wastage and creating a healthy lifestyle!

So, go ahead and try this new take on a “green drink” and get yourself a caffeine and vegetable fix, all in one go!



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