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15 Breakfast Superfoods to Kick-start your day

Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day has still been usually ignored by most of the people. Maybe it’s the morning hassle and hectic lifestyle of today’s generation that usually forces them to skip this central meal of the day. Well, worry no more as global spa provides you with ideas for breakfast that are so healthy and so easy to make, you wouldn’t miss a single meal.

1)      Idli:

A popular breakfast item from the south, this dish is basically a type of rice cake that is steamed and served with coconut chutney or sambhar. To make it even healthier, instead of using rice flour, add semolina or ragi. It is so fulfilling and easy to make, you would never miss breakfast again.

2)      Dosa:

Another delicacy from South India, it is one of the most common meals in their households. There are various variants of this dish based on the stuffing used and the flour used to make it. Easy to put together, add your favourite vegetables to make it different every single time!

3)      Vegetable broken wheat Upma:

Made using broken wheat, Upma is probably the easiest breakfast dish to make. Add chopped vegetables to give it a twist or just simply add ½ cup of any legume to put a tint of protein in your meal.

4)      Parathas:

Most common dish of the northern households, Parathas are a fan favourite. Stuff it with items like potatoes, pulses, peas, onions or any of your favourite veggie to add a different touch to it. Serve it with pickles or chutney to enhance the flavour.

5)      Aloo Poori:

Golden, crispy and deep-fried pooris served with potato-based curry; aloo poori is one of the most common breakfast items of the north. Made with wheat flour, pooris are deep fried in refined oil and it is advised to not consume it on a daily basis, but for once in a while, go ahead and make them at your home to please your family.

6)      Poha:

Staple meal for the Maharashtrian families, Poha is basically flattened rice that is simple, but the sudden burst of flavours in your mouth will make it non-resistible. Made with a humble blend of potatoes, onions, peanuts, and lemon for a tangy twist; Poha is extremely light and will leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day!

7)      Dhokla:

From the homes of “Gujaratis”, dhokla is usually served as a snack but can actually make a wonderful and fulfilling breakfast option too. Traditionally it is made using gram flour but you can experiment with the choice of legumes. Its spongy texture makes it very light and airy and will not leave you feeling sleepy and lazy through the day.

8)      Vellayappam:

An authentic Kerala breakfast item, Vellayappam is just like a pancake that has an additional coconut flavour added to it. It is easy to make and can be served with any spicy side dish to make the flavours contrasting.

9)      Sago khichdi:

Sago, also known as “sabootdana” is generally consumed by the Indians during the “fasting period”. But you can experiment with the traditional recipe and ingredient to make it a breakfast dish!

10)   Misal Pav:

This popular delicacy hails from Maharashtra is a curry based dish that is made by adding a whole lot of spices, onions, garlic, and chillies. The spicy and thick mixture of the sprouted lentils is enjoyed with pav or bread toasted with butter; the flavour is hard to resist!

11)   Besan cheela:

Made with gram flour, cheela is more like a savoury crepe that is served with chutney and can be sandwiched between bread slices to make it fulfilling.

12)   Chow chow bhath:

Popular breakfast dish of Bangalore, chow chow comprises of 3 dishes that are served together; a savoury rava bhath a sweet rava kesari, and coconut chutney. You can prepare chow chow bhath as a breakfast dish or even for brunch, considering how heavy it can get for your stomach.

13)   Sali par eedu:

A quintessential parsi dish, Sali par eedu is mainly a breakfast recipe made with eggs on fried potato straws that are layered as a bed and cooked with tomatoes, coriander, some pepper. It can be made in an air fryer or oven to make it less fattening since less oil will be used to fry the potatoes.

14)   Omelette:

Made with simple ingredients like eggs, butter and any vegetable available at your home, omelette is widely consumed in western countries and has gained popularity overall. Serve it with a crispy toast to make it a full meal that will get you ready for the day!

15)   Uttapam:

Savoury pancake made with fermented rice flour and urad dal, topped with vegetables, uttapam is another delicacy that is common in the southern households. It takes very minimal efforts to make but is so rewarding, you will be ready for the day in no time!


Try these simple yet delicious breakfast ideas yourself and never miss another meal.



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