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Biotique Re-launches its Advanced BXL Cellular Range

From the legacy of Advanced Biotique formulations, the Brand launches its innovative, exclusive and path-breaking revolution in a Nature-based skincare-the bountiful energy of nature’s cellular power technology packed in an assortment of advanced products for eternal youth.

Biotique introduced its Advanced Cellular range which is a result of advanced skin research and a blend of 100% natural botanicals, and biologically advanced ingredients essential to healthy skin life. It helps stimulate cell renewal and elevate hydration and nutrition levels from within, producing a youthful environment for stronger, more resilient skin to rise up to the surface each day.

Why Biotique advanced?

The technologically-expert line of natural treatment products to help replenish and restore skin’s youthful appearance. Helping in Breakthrough results with new BXL technology to supercharge skin. The precious recipe for daily and special skin care needs at every age. Moreover, the products are designed to work together for optimum results in no time. Here is a list of products from the collection Bxl Cellular Foaming Cleanser, Bxl Cellular Hydrating Lotion, Bxl Cellular Youth Serum, Bxl Cellular Nourishing Cream, Bxl Cellular Sleep Cream, and Bxl Cellular Whitening Cream.


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