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Athleisure Beauty – The Easy and Comfy Empowering Cosmetics for Athletic Go-Getters

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The new by-word for the active individual who likes to look good and work up a sweat is athleisure beauty products. This trend is revolutionizing the way makeup is worn.

No make-up bag is now considered complete without the addition of a few choice athleisure items. This is the way forward that goes in tandem with athleisure fashion and an active lifestyle.

What Does Athleisure Beauty Mean?

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The skin completely changes when you are working out. The pores open, sweat is produced to cool the body, capillaries dilate and your core temperature rises. Toxins are eliminated through the pores and dirt accumulates on the skin surface. This change can be a nightmare when it mixes with standard beauty products.

Athleisure beauty is focussed on working with the skin under these conditions. The face can look just as appealing during a gym session or hike as it does when working at a desk. For the empowered individual, it means that wearing makeup when working out is no longer a can I/can’t I debate. It is part of the energetic person’s beauty routine that adjusts to the workout environment.

The modern person has long been aware that the most important one to look good for is yourself. No matter where the empowered individual goes, they are firstly dressing and grooming for their own image-related reasons. This is the beauty of the athleisure lifestyle.

What Are Some of The Products?

Athleisure products

Most make-up bags will already include some of the better-known athleisure items in it. Waterproof mascara has long been the friend of those with pale eyelashes. In the athleisure range, the mascara is also sweat proof. Sweat is a different texture to water and the sweat-proof mascara recognizes the difference.

There are also products that stop spots from forming. The excess sweat caused when working out is the ideal environment for spots to develop. There are spot clearing sprays available that counteract this now.

Skin masques are always popular to soothe the skin. Athleisure masques can cool the skin up to 2.8 degrees which make them ideal to use after a grueling session as they reduce the redness. Moisturisers have been developed that cool red, flushed skin too. They are lightweight and matte which make them ideal for the post-gym skin that’s still open-pored and sweating.


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According to many recent studies, make-up for fitness has grown in popularity in the last year. Sales of exercise-friendly lip balms are up 28% and stay-fast foundations that protect the sweating skin sales are up 11%.

There are 3 categories that are recognized in the athleisure world

  • The budge-proof/sweat-proof kind that stays on from a morning yoga class through to an evening jog
  • The natural look make-up that does not damage skin or block pores during exercise
  • The products that are inspired by the empowered individual’s increased focus on fitness, sport, and overall wellness.

It is recommended by dermatologists to exercise without standard make-up as the skin needs to eliminate the toxins that are released while sweating.  That is why it is important to wash the skin after building up a sweat with an athleisure cleanser that is designed to swipe away the toxins and remove the dirt and debris.


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