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Aloe Vera, the miracle healer

Aloe vera lead

Many people across the world swear by Aloe Vera for its miraculous healing properties. It’s great for the skin, hair and the overall wellbeing of the body. Plus, it is just a plant that you can easily grow in your very own kitchen garden. Here’s everything you need to know about Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera appearance:

Belonging to the genus Asphodelaceae (a group of Affodil plants), Aloe Vera looks similar to a cactus – but are not related.

  • The green leaves grow up to 50cm and have a rosette-like appearance.
  • Aloe Vera leaves have smooth surfaces with a ragged tooth shape margin.
  • When the plant blossoms red and yellow racemes, which can reach up to 60 – 90cm.
  • The leaves contain roughly 220 active among other things; including amino acids, enzymes, minerals, polysaccharides, and vitamins.


Along with Acemannan, they are responsible for strengthening the human immune system (natural substances also produced by the human body until puberty begins.

You can grow Aloe Vera at home.

Nothing beats being able to grow it for yourself, to save buying it regularly. Aloe Vera plants are usually available at DIY and garden centers. You can then take advantage of all the Aloe Vera Ayurvedic benefits.

You need:

  • Water-permeable and sandy soil.
  • A half shaded spot with sunny exposure.
  • It’s a desert plant and shouldn’t get waterlogged.

Once the plant grows 12 leaves and is big enough, cut off the lower leaves. Leave the remaining leaves to rise, and when a new leaf grows, you can take another lower leaf.

In three months you’ll collect four leaves. The plant’s life expectancy is ten years.

Aloe Vera spa treatments

Health products are catching onto the popularity of Aloe Vera, as many items get marketed for containing the plant. The most recommended are products that use the purest and natural stabilized Aloe Vera form.

Because they contain up to 75 compounds, like mentioned above, considered as a health tonic by the majority of Aloe Vera spa treatments.

Types of Aloe Vera Ayurvedic benefits and treatments:

Keep healthy hair

Aloe vera hair

Aloe Vera pulp helps get rid of dandruff and nourishes all of your hair follicles. Directly apply the Aloe Vera pulp to your scalp, scrub in thoroughly and then wash out.

A lot of people applaud the higher quality of their hair, from using a natural Aloe Vera remedy.

Do you suffer from dry mouth?

Start drinking a ¼ cup of Aloe Vera juice once a day, to get rid of dry mouth. It’s also an excuse to taste it’s delicious fresh taste too!

Tackle constipation with Aloe Vera

Use with rock salt, as both are excellent remedies for constipation.

Keep good heart health.

Both heart diseases and cholesterol are protected by Aloe Vera’s properties of thinning the blood. Adding it to your diet will undoubtedly enhance your health.

Aloe Vera is healthy for your stomach

Aloe vera stomach

Ingesting 30-50ml of Aloe Vera liquid contains antimicrobial activities, and will boost stomach health efficiently.

Getting frustrated with Hemorrhoids?

By taking Aloe Vera regularly (either in capsules or juice), it’s able to give healing effects for Hemorrhoids.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that Aloe Vera is a gift from the heavens. Like anything else natural, if you’ve never tried it before, then you’ve got nothing to lose by experimenting. We recommend, try it!

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