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Adidas launches new NMD’s

Introducing new members to the NMD family, adidas launches new versions of its R1 series, peaklife gives you the insights, read on to know more.

Updating from the previous generation NMD’s adidas has taken a leap forward into the NMD R1’s, one of the 2018’s most awaited shoes. With amazing colours such as ‘trace aqua’, ‘trace orange’, ‘orchid tint’, Aero Blue’ colour schemes, NMD’s will now sport one of a kind sesame themes.

NMD’s widely popular as black and white legends are now to be brandished with new colour tints, with rubberised framed heels and full-length boost midsole is going to be an eye candy for the beholders and the onlookers both. The new R1’s supposedly named as ‘Primeknit’ is to be made available to public by august 1, 2018.

Adidas is also adding 2 more additions to the family by launching 2 brand new pink NMD’s for ladies. whereon one will sport a pink head along with a black heal cap, and the other being dressed with a pink bumper along with black and white theme. The 3-stripe adidas only stripes are common in the products launched.

The shoes will be reportedly priced from $130/per pair with subsequent increase for higher versions of the same, which is approximately $ 890. 

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