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7 healthy alternative cheat meals

The only exuberant thing that keeps you going throughout the week in gym and diet are the cheat meals on weekends. The drive that satiates your palettes and keeps you motivated. Yet it of course still somehow disrupts your hard work by adding the calories that you just had lost; global spa has some ideas of healthy cheat meals.

The alternatives where you can treat yourself by still not hampering the less calorie record of your workout week is probably something everyone is looking for. Here are some of the cheat meals that are healthy and tasty:

Sourdough burger

Sourdough bread pieces have tikka/cutlet made out of kidney bean, garbanzo beans, black beans along with basic vegetables like cucumber, onion slices and tomato and hung curd dip amidst of all this. This is a balanced, highly nutritious replacement of the regular fried, cheese, mayonnaise burger as it contains components rich in fibre and protein.


Zucchini chips

The potato chips are surely captivating but utterly unhealthy as they are deep fried. On the other hand, zucchini chips are baked, easy to cook and if topped with olive oil, can easily give the essence of salt and other spices.


Whole wheat pizza

The delicious pizza that almost everyone loves is actually made of white flour which is full of calories. For a healthier option, white flour base can be replaced with whole wheat base. Grill the pizza and for toppings prefer olives, sun dried tomatoes, pickles and dollops of salsa. Also, try hung curd cheese instead of cheese.


Cauliflower rice

The lovers of vegetarian biryani bring in a good quantity of fats (ghee, oil) when they relish their rice. You can still get the flavour by roasting grated cauliflower with ghee and other veggies. To enhance the taste, a dash of lemon and cilantro can be added too. That way, you are only consuming 141 calories instead of 318 calories.


Zoodle pasta

Another zucchini dish,zucchini spiralled and sautéed with veggies and olive oil, stirred in with cheese and a quarter cup of white sauce. This has a great content of antioxidants and is low on carbs. Much better than the monotonous cheese pasta.


Nachos without tortilla

The favourite snacking food item while flashing Netflix. However, nachos with tortilla approximately contains 445 calories and can be changed with a nacho plate of tortilla chips with baked sweet potato chips. You can add mincemeat and other toppings comfortably according to your choice.

Frozen banana and peanut butter dessert

This dish with a small quantity of added yogurts and Nutella can surely take over your cravings of ice cream by giving the benefit of deliciousness and reduced calories.

Your fitness can elevate to great heights with these simple yet efficient cheat meal recipes. Go try out some for yourself see the results.

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