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5 simple ways to get rid of back pain

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Back pain is something we all have encountered in our day to day life. Tough work schedules and hectic lifestyle is one of the main reason even the younger generation is suffering from lower back issues. One might think resting is enough to get rid of the throbbing ache in your back, but that, however, is not the only solution.

Even when you want to rest and laying down is the right thing to do when you’re suffering from back problems, practically it is suggested that you move around and exercise in order to ease your suffering. Here are 5 exercise techniques that can help you get rid of your back issues.

Partial crunches

Some exercises are not recommended when you’re suffering from an acute backache. But partial crunches, on the other hand, can help to strengthen your back and stomach muscles. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Your arms should be crossed over your chest or behind your neck. Tighten your stomach muscles and breathe in while you raise your shoulders off the ground partially. Don’t use your arms to pull your neck off the ground. Hold the position for a second and breathe out and you slowly lower your body again. Repeat the process 8-10 times. When properly done, this exercise can prove to be really helpful to fight back pain.

Hamstring wall stretch

The hamstring muscles run through the back of each thigh from the hip down to the back of the knee. Tight hamstring muscles are a common cause of back problems. This exercise can help to loosen your muscles to provide relief. Lie on the floor with your buttocks against the wall and your legs stretched up against the wall as well. Try pushing your knees as straight as possible. These stretches are proven to be successful when done for 30 to 60 seconds every day. It should be done twice a day for better results.

Wall Sits

Wall sits are not only extremely simple and heals a backache, it also reduces your belly fat, strengthens your thigh muscles and calves. Do a 20-minute wall sit exercise to tone your abs and strengthen your muscles. It is so easy to follow, anyone can practice this.

Spinal stretch

Lie down on the floor with your left leg extended straight, pull your right knee to your chest and then put an arm towards your right arm out to the side. Next, use your left hand to slowly pull your right knee towards your left side so that your right foot rests on the back of your left knee. Finally turn your head towards your right side. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then reverse the movements and repeat. Do this twice a day for a stronger back.

Press up back extensions

Lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulder. Push your hands so your shoulder lifts off the ground. If it’s comfortable, use your elbows on the floor directly under your shoulder and hold this position for a few minutes.

Follow these exercises regularly for better results and make sure you don’t exhaust yourself. If your back starts to ache more, then do not press further and consult a doctor.


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