5 Must-Try Massages while you’re on a vacation

Don’t miss out on the finest offerings of Ayurveda when you visit India. Here’s our list of the 5 massage therapies that will relax, refresh and rejuvenate you.

If you’re seeking a relaxing holiday and a routine of spas visits and massages is what you wish to indulge in, India should top your list. India is the land of Ayurveda and has some of the finest new-age Ayurveda facilities in the world. Plus, the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the new-gen Indian populace has given a rise to innumerable spas of international standing offering the finest services and ayurvedic treatments. So, if an Indian traditional ayurvedic spa sojourn is the calling for your next holiday, here’s our list of 5 must-try Ayurvedic massage therapiesthat will leave you refreshed, relaxed and 100% rejuvenated.

Odyssey Ayurvedic Massage
As the name of the treatment suggests, it is set to take you on a journey with its compilation of 4 different Ayurvendic treatments. You get to pick whether you want one or two therapists. It is recommended that you pick two therapists because ‘four hands are better than two.’ This massage therapy embodies relaxation therapies to enhance you physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Garshana – this is the first part of the massage journey. This dry glove massage gently exfoliates the skin and starts the detoxification process. The lymphatic system is stimulated and the skin is prepared to absorb the special oils.
  • Abhyanga – this is the second part of your massage journey. In this stage you get covered from head to toe in essential oils. Your therapists will use specialized stokes of friction to loosen and dispel toxins, moving the oils deep into your tissues.
  • Vishesh – this is the third part of your massage journey. The deep, slow and diffusing strokes promote relaxation at the ultimate level.
  • Marma – This is the final part of your massage journey. This therapy is to awaken your inner energy using special essential oils personalized just for you and aromatherapy.

  • Pizhichil Massage

This luxury massage takes about 70 minutes and is performed by two therapists. Throughout this treatment you will have warm continuous streams of essential oils rhythmically massaged into your muscles. It will lubricate, warm and nourish your entire body. This relaxing and rejuvenating massage treatment is designed to increase circulation, remove toxins, and deeply purify your body.

  • Shirodhara Treatment

Traditionally, it’s not what you would consider a massage, but Shirodhara relaxes the mind and nerves, putting you back in balance, emotionally. Warm oils are poured over your forehead, and spreads to scalp, at just the right continuous rate. The pressure from the oils onto your forehead, where there is a higher concentration of nerves, forms a vibration righting the out of balance Vata and Pitta doshas. The combination for the gentle pressure and the warmth of the oils allows the mind, body and nervous system to go into a deep state of rest. A must-try!

  • Gandharva Therapy

Another massage, not in the typical sense, to try out while vacationing in India is the Gandharva therapy. It is a sound therapy mixed with a full body oil massage. Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks are used to help harmonize and transform the body and balance your emotions.

  • Abhyanga

This choreographed massage uses friction based strokes and warm essential oils that are dosha specific. As the oils are systematically massaged into the skin they penetrate deep into the muscles to release toxins from the body. This enhances the immune system, increases circulation and allows relaxation of the body and mind. Best part about this massage is if you truly enjoy it you can do it yourself at home.

Where to look for these exotic massages?

Any luxury spa in India will feature these top 5 massages for you to try. Ananda in the Himalayas is ranked #1 according to Getspabulous’s list of top 10 spa chains in India. They offer not only the above-mentioned massages, but are also well-known for their world-renowned therapies. Wildflower Hall in Shimlatakes the next rank, and is famous for its beautiful landscape and relaxing therapies and treatments.

While there are many other great luxury spas to choose from, it all comes down to where you are in India. So, whether you are looking to maintain your skin, tone up your body, or relax after traveling around the country, make sure you visit one of the many luxury spas in the area and experience the finest offerings of Ayurveda in its own land.

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