5 Luxury Spa Therapies you can enjoy during pregnancy

Pampering and care are of utmost importance during a woman’s pregnancy. Here’s a list of luxurious therapies that can make the phase even more beautiful with their added dose of indulgence and luxury. 

Pregnancy is one of those life experiences during which a woman feels just about every emotion that exists along with the physical changes. As a woman who has gone through pregnancy on more than one occasion, I can honestly say that I loved when I got to go and enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. I even did aromatherapy at home to help reduce my stress, anxiety and depression that are common due to the hormonal imbalances that happen during this period. While it’s still debatable whether it is safe to have spa massages during pregnancy, research and studies have proven that it is perfectly safe and is rather very beneficial during pregnancy.

Aromatherapy during pregnancy

  • When you are in your first trimester morning sickness is a huge nuisance. This completely obnoxious part of pregnancy can last all three trimesters but there is a great remedy you can use to help alleviate the nausea.
  • If you have a diffuser use a two to three drops of mandarin oil this will help with the nausea and make your room smell delicious.
  • Another one to try is mix two drops of lavender oil with a little bit of unscented baby oil. Rub the mixture on your stomach. Lavender will calm and relax you. It is even great to use if you are having trouble sleeping.
  • One more way to help stop the morning sickness is to drink herbal tea. I drank manzanilla (chamomile). The smell of the tea would help relax all my muscles and the tea helped to ease my stomach.

Ayurvedic Indian head massage

  • Another great ayurvedic therapy to try out on your pregnancy spa day is an Ayurvedic Indian head massage.
  • It helps to improve your blood circulation.
  • It relieves tension and relaxes the muscles and joints in the head, neck and shoulders.
  • This massage will help to ease those bad headaches and migraines that tend to plague us during pregnancy.
  • It will also help to alleviate any stress and relax you mentally and physically.

 Foot and calf massages

  • If you are anything like me I am particular about my feet, but this massage duo is absolutely amazing when you are pregnant. Swollen feet and calves are not comfortable. Getting foot and calf massages have their benefits besides feeling absolutely awesome.
  • The foot massage helps to improve you sleep, induces deep relaxation (if it weren’t for my phobia of someone touching my feet I would have fallen asleep it felt so good) and helps you to avoid stress.
  • The calf massage helps you with those pesky leg cramps.

 Breast massage

  • I know this one seems a little evasive but in all actuality, it is great and has its benefits. It will help you to avoid stretch marks on your breast as well as to help keep your breast tone. Again, if you are like me, I went from having A’s to double D’s with my first pregnancy. Talk about one big change. I fell head first in the bath tub trying to test the water temperature because I was way more top heavy.
  • If you are in your last couple months of pregnancy, then this is a great massage to prepare yourself for nursing, if you choose to breastfeed (and I encourage breastfeeding due to its nutritional and developmental benefits).

 Back and body massages

  • Pregnancy comes with aches and pains due to the growing baby adding to your weight and the press on the bones and joints that your body isn’t used to. Your Lower back will most likely give you the most trouble when it comes to aches and pains.
  • The back massage on the lower back will help with that pain. It will gently relax the muscles around the vertebras that can be the cause of the pain.
  • The body massage will also gently relax and strengthen the muscles, bones and joints in the body. It is the best for relieving the aches and pains.

Relaxation and pampering during pregnancy are a must for every woman. As their bodies change and grow, they need to be able to have that little get-away day to relieve all the stress, body pain and anxiety that comes with pregnancy. A day at the spa is a great way to relax and destress, during pregnancy and even when you are not expecting. Don’t think your husband or partner will go for it? Here is the trick, “my love, we deserve to have at least one weekend before the baby comes to enjoy a relaxing vacation. I have a list of holistic retreats in India. I will let you pick.” Use this fail-proof line, and it is sure to work its magic. Good luck, and happy pregnancy!

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