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5 Healthy Pre and Pro-biotic foods good for the gut!

It is so easy to give into your body’s natural calling for junk foods when the surroundings change, that you almost neglect the negative effects it can have on you and your immune system. Read ahead as peak life shines a light on the very crucial- prebiotic and probiotic food items for a healthy gut.

With the change in weather conditions, there is a sudden desire in people to give in to unhealthy street food that at the time looks very appetising and inviting. However, it is not the smartest idea to suddenly fill your gut with these items as the bacteria in them slow down your metabolism and hampers digestion and immunity.

So in order to beat the formation of bad bacteria, you have to feed your good bacteria that will keep your gut healthy and safe. Include these pre and pro-biotic food items in your diet as they play a crucial role in the digestion cycle and take a little extra care of your body in any situation.

Whole grains:

They’re loaded with pre-biotics that are indigestible fibres that stimulate the growth of good bacteria within your system. Although they may not be digestible to you, they are a great snack for the tiny bacteria that take care of you throughout the day. whole grain oats, buckwheat and maize are the three to quality grains that will keep your gut healthy and happy.





Easily the most popular tropical food, bananas are a great source of vitamins and fibre. They’re rich in potassium and contain little amounts of insulin also. Green bananas are high in resistant starch that has pre-biotic effect; because of which they increase the possibilities of a healthy gut and reduce bloating.







One of the most versatile food items, yogurt can be consumed in the form of a savoury item or mixed with your desserts. It is one of the best available and natural probiotic that is available for consumption.






Coming from the same family as onion and garlic, leeks offer somewhat similar health benefits. They contain 16% insulin fibre, promote healthy gut bacteria and help in the breakdown of fat. They are also high in flavonoids that support your body’s response to oxidative stress. They also have many heart and bone related benefits, making it the ultimate super food.





They’re not only extremely delicious, but also healthy in terms of the nutrients it carries. The breakdown of cocoa beans produces nitric oxide which has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. It has powerful prebiotic benefits and is also very healthy for your heart. But it should be kept in mind that over consumption of anything is not good, so keep the intake in limited quantities and you’re good to go!



Now keep your gut healthy with these pre and pro-biotic food items that are not only great in flavour but also comes with benefits that can’t be missed.


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