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5 Exotic Ayurvedic Retreats in India

The traditional system of Ayurveda has recently been gaining popularity for its healing and relaxation benefits. And this has led to the emergence of Ayurveda centric resorts that are situated all over India in such exotic locations that it will seem like a holiday, combined with the benefits that come with ayurvedic conduct. Read ahead as GLobalSpa shed light on these 5 exotic Ayurveda retreats!

For years people have believed in the power of Ayurveda and the wonders it can do for your overall growth and betterment of the body. But it has recently become a popular criterion for holidays and travelling purposes. People now seek to enjoy their leisure time in places that provide them with the utmost relaxation and time for inner peace! From custom made meals to personal massages and bespoke oil treatments to other hand-picked methods of care, these resorts are not holding it back when it comes to your comfort. Combined with the striking locations and relaxing Ayurveda centric resorts, these destinations are the perfect go-to if you’re looking to spend some time for self-growth and relaxation.

Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala:

Located along the Vembanad Lake, this 25-acre property is one of the most popular Ayurveda resorts in India; all thanks to its Ayurveda centric spa, Ayurnama. With the number of treatments and therapies like Shirodhara, Abhangam, and panchakarma; the main focus remains the overall betterment of your body. You are provided with the choice of making a package that may be de-stress package, weight reduction package, beauty treatment or just yoga and meditation in general. The fitness centres, yoga and meditation facilities, pools and houseboat facilities make this luxurious Ayurveda spa a perfect getaway!

Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, Uttrakhand:

Located in the unharmed parts of the Himalayas, Ananda is one of the most popular luxury Spas available in India. Offering more than 100 different Ayurveda treatments, this spa is graced with a relaxing outdoor swimming pool, gorgeous open-air meditation and teaching centres and has arranged nature treks and safari adventures for its guests. The main highlight however, is thee 100 plus treatments available all from qualified Ayurveda specialists and doctors; making it one of the most sought-after spa resort.

Taj Bekal Resort and Spa, Kerala:

In the beautiful settings of Kappil beach, this therapeutic retreat is the home to one of the most famous Ayurveda spa in India called the “Jiva”. The beautiful scenery will captivate your senses and you would never want to leave the boundaries of this perfect relaxation centre. The spa exemplifies the true essence of Indian wellness and indulges you in healing therapies, beauty rituals and healing treatments that will help you balance your mind, body, and soul. Combine it with the usual first-class experience offered by Taj, and you’ve got yourself a perfect recipe for a good time.

Vana Malsi Estate, Dehradun:

With architecture that can literally take your breath away, coupled with trained, nurturing doctors and specialists of both western and eastern medicine, Vana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful retreat options available for relaxation. You can easily schedule your traditional therapies such as Shirodhara, but they’re often accompanied by more conventional treatments that the Ayurveda experts plan out for the ultimate comfort. Vana is truly magical.

Devaaya, The Ayurveda and nature cure centre, Goa:

This resort is one of the most ideal escapades to the natural way of life! If you want to get as close as you can with your inner self, then this is the place to be. Built in the middle of coconut groves, close to Mandovi River this nature centre one of the best to exist in India. With holistic Panchakarma treatments, yoga, and meditation, this wellness centre aims to bring you the essential inner peace that you probably disrupted because of the taxing city lifestyle.

Now instead of your typical spas and resorts, go ahead and gift yourself a package to one of these wellness retreats and see how close it gets you to inner peace and strength all with the power of Ayurveda.


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